I'm leaving

      I'm leaving

      Hi guys,

      As the title says I'm leaving.

      it's not easy to take this decision, because you really took a huge place in my heart as I have been in the clan for 4 years that was hard for me but I made my decision, as well as it’s not easy for me to formulate the reason I leave.

      Firstly I would like to say big thanks to everyone in the clan for helping me to get better, I do respect heaven and many other members, for all the work that is done for the aCen in the past years, was really appreciated!

      Also, thanks to 3ikz for motivating me to join the clan, it wasn't a bad choice, this is the best family I've ever seen, aCen is more than only gaming, it's like a real family for sure. Also, I learned a lot of things and met a lot of great members here and every day I get motivation to get better in order to help the community as much as I can, but now I have little motivation to continue to keep in the clan but it had a great time with you and keep in mind that I will not forget you and thanks for everything you've done for me <3 And don't worry I can come to say hello on discord from time to time.

      Well, it's always difficult to leave a family and to find right words to give some explanation also.

      it's always a pleasure to play with you!

      dev, Major
      Human Recources

      aCen – Alpha Centauri Foundation
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