I'm [MonkeyNab]Mingo
      I'm from France and i'm 22 years old.
      I speak english, a very little bit of german and actually learning russian (don't ask me why, don't even know).

      Well i play urt since ... a while, i mean: start in 2010 and made a lot of breaks. And can't remember the first time i played on a acen serv :/
      Never been in a clan, MonkeyNab is not a clan just a ig little "description" )

      I thought about joining a clan because that can be fun to make some new friends and play with them on this awesome game since a year but never postulate.
      I actually met Hodie (hope i don't missspell her nickname :fingercross: ) on the acen sr8 serv this week and she ask me if that could interest me to join a clan so here i am, my first try.
      For me urt is just here to have some fun so not interested in league for the time being.

      About my skill, hmmmm having "Nab" on my nickname so ... consider myself as a nab )

      I consider myself helpfull since lot of guys were lovely to help me learn how to jump. So actually trying to be like them and make the urt community even better xD

      Well, cya ig
      NB: i have discord, Teamspeak and a mic ofc
      Hey Mingo,
      Welcome to aCen forums. You seemed nice to me with your text. We aCen is a lovely family and we'd be happy to see new members with us.
      I wish you a good luck. And hope to see you in-game ASAP.

      Regardly, Pia
      Second Lieutenant of Alpha Centauri Foundation

      Welcome Mingo and good to see you!

      I've met you yesterday and you were really friendly, also a funny guy and your skill isn't that bad when I played against you and the skill isn't an important thing as well, I wouldn't give you my vote for the moment, because we just need to get to know more about you, as we are active in discord so it would be nice to see there, you can find the link on the main website page, also you can meet some of us on the server sr8, BST tdm server, |DN| eagle, as I mostly play on BST tdm server, and probably sr8 only.

      Anyway, see ya in game.
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      Nice to see that you applied. And welcome on our forum! :)

      Since I asked you to apply ofc I'll vote F1.

      Really nice player with good skill. Lot of fun to play with. I think you'll fit perfectly in our clan.
      Hope to see you more often on discord and our UrT servers.
      Wish you luck for your application. ^^

      Sincerely, Hodie
      Hodiefar, Second Lieutenant

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      Welcome MonkeyNab to the forums,

      I've played with you in game and you're a pretty skilled player. You are nice, kind, and a funny player

      My vote is going to be a F1
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