Hi guys,

      As you guessed, I made this thread because I wanna leave... I shared many great moments with you guys filled with a lot of laughes, I've met awesome buddies who've become my friends but, unfortunately, many problems unsolved took over: inactivity mostly but also felt like the clan isn't united anymore, broken bonds... :(

      Nevertheless I wanna thanks you for everything you've done for me, being there for me, I won't forget it and won't forget you, thanks again for this journey :)

      I'm sorry and wish you the best ❤
      Take care

      Dou :d
      hey dou my love. I completely understand your reason for leaving too. The clan is not the way it was before. I also don't have the time to put effort into aCen at the moment. The time will come when it should rise again but it's not today. Stop by from time to time. It's been really great to get to know you. You are some funny dude haha

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