Application by bartek

    Application by bartek

    hey -aCen-. my name is Bartek and I would like to join your clan. present my name is - [HoH] -BarteK. I'm 18 in December 19. I'd end up with Polish living in Poznan. I say average English and can understand a little German. interested in the sport on a daily basis and my passion for computer games. in urban terror gram of 4-5 years. To this day, I'm his only clan which I have about 3 years - [HoH] - I would like to change it because practically it no longer exists, the clan was a very good clan in urban terror 4.1 but as you know in the urban terror 4.1 is a problem of lack on server and therefore, among other things I would like to join your clan. I do not want to be in the clan alone and is not in the urt 4.3. As for the game performs well on servers bomb mode best I doing playing Hk69 and guns but of course also basically well cope with the SR8 and with other weapons is sometimes different depending on the day :) I would love to join you greet Bartek :)

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    Alpha Centauri Foundation

    I regret to inform you that your application has been denied by the Administration of Alpha Centauri.

    We wish you good luck in your further career.

    Yours sincerely,
    BG. Omega

    Omega, Brigadier General
    Chief of Human Resources
    Vice Chief of Public Relations

    omega AT