-aCen.- JUMP SERVER

      -aCen.- Jump Server

      After a couple of weeks where it was just talking about the possibility of a Jump Server, it has now become a reality.

      As some of you already know, the Jump Server is live and running in its early stages.

      Source Code

      1. /connect aCen.eu:27962


      I added the maps that have been requested by our members, as well as some maps that are popular or wanted on other Jump servers.

      Remember, the server is still not fully set up, as b3 is missing, so some convenient features such as the callvote command is only available through the console, with the precise map name


      Source Code

      1. /callvote nextmap ut4_uberjumps_beta3

      Plugins, such as /save and /load are available. /regainstamina (regaining stamina instantly when standing still) and /stamina for unlimited stamina are available, too.
      Saved positions will be kept when you disconnect, so you can get back to where you left off.

      To not disturb other jumpers you can also set /cg_ghost 1, which enables other players to run through you.

      At the moment the Jump Server has 48 maps on it, which already is plenty, but if you feel like any map is missing, please feel free to contact me either on here or preferably in Discord (discord.gg/0vQAqNRR8V3hzbia) @Milkshake.

      Following is the current maplist

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      Source Code

      1. ut4_abyss_b1
      2. ut4_aerodynamic_a2
      3. ut4_ajumps
      4. ut42_barbaria
      5. ut4_beginners_jump_a1
      6. ut4_booobjumps_beta4
      7. ut4_brickjumps_beta5
      8. ut42_bstjumps_u2
      9. ut4_caverna_v1
      10. ut4_climax_v1
      11. ut42_compendium_u1
      12. ut4_darkjumps_b5
      13. ut4_darksequel_b2
      14. ut4_de1337edjumps_beta3
      15. ut4_dontfall
      16. ut4_dontgetwet_dev
      17. ut4_dormroom_beta2
      18. ut42_dungeonjumps
      19. ut4_easyjumps_a2
      20. ut4_eazyjumps
      21. ut4_equilibrium_b1
      22. ut42_fhjumps_b1
      23. ut4_freakjumps
      24. ut4_funnyjumps
      25. ut4_happyjumptutorial_beta3
      26. ut4_hardjumps_b5
      27. ut4_hurricane
      28. ut4_icelogic_jumps_v10
      29. ut4_insomnia_a1
      30. ut4_karajump_a3
      31. ut4_lizzjumps_beta2
      32. ut4_lizzjumps_beta2
      33. ut4_megajumps
      34. ut42_mooniejumps_u1
      35. ut4_orion
      36. ut42_partumjumps_b2
      37. ut4_projumps_b4
      38. ut4_rabbit_1z
      39. ut4_saturn_beta2
      40. ut4_skyjumps_beta2
      41. ut4_sliceyjumpsv2_beta2
      42. ut4_smalljump_b2c
      43. ut4_tdkjumps_v2
      44. ut42_th3k1ll3r_jumps_b2
      45. ut4_trickmap2_b7
      46. ut4_uberjumps_beta3
      47. ut4_uranus_beta1a
      48. ut4_uselessjumps_b1-6
      49. ut4_vacuum_beta1a
      50. ut42_valterjumps_b2
      51. ut4_vertigo
      52. ut4_walljumps_ctf_beta1
      53. ut4_wootjumps_v4
      54. ut4_yamakazi

      The current mapcycle is randomized as goes as follow

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      Source Code

      1. ut42_bstjumps_u2
      2. ut4_tdkjumps_v2
      3. ut4_saturn_beta2
      4. ut42_mooniejumps_u1
      5. ut4_brickjumps_beta5
      6. ut4_funnyjumps
      7. ut4_lizzjumps_beta2
      8. ut4_freakjumps
      9. ut4_trickmap2_b7
      10. ut42_barbaria
      11. ut4_uberjumps_beta3
      12. ut42_th3k1ll3r_jumps_b2
      13. ut42_jupiter
      14. ut4_climax_v1
      15. ut4_uranus_beta1a
      16. ut4_hardjumps_b5
      17. ut4_de1337edjumps_beta3
      18. ut4_equilibrium_b1
      19. ut4_dontfall
      20. ut4_rabbit_1z
      21. ut4_eazyjumps
      22. ut4_dormroom_beta2
      23. ut4_uselessjumps_b1-6
      24. ut42_valterjumps_b2
      25. ut4_darkjumps_b5
      26. ut4_orion
      27. ut4_easyjumps_a2
      28. ut4_happyjumptutorial_beta3
      29. ut42_compendium_u1
      30. ut42_fhjumps_b1
      31. ut4_aerodynamic_a2
      32. ut4_megajumps
      33. ut4_booobjumps_beta4
      34. ut4_hurricane
      35. ut4_yamakazi
      36. ut4_skyjumps_beta2
      37. ut4_walljumps_ctf_beta1
      38. ut4_abyss_b1
      39. ut4_ajumps
      40. ut4_icelogic_jumps_v10
      41. ut4_wootjumps_v4
      42. ut4_vertigo
      43. ut4_sliceyjumpsv2_beta2
      44. ut4_dontgetwet_dev
      45. ut4_karajump_a3
      46. ut4_smalljump_b2c
      47. ut4_beginners_jump_a1
      48. ut4_insomnia_a1
      49. ut42_partumjumps_b2
      50. ut4_darksequel_b2
      51. ut4_vacuum_beta1a
      52. ut4_caverna_v1
      53. ut42_dungeonjumps
      54. ut4_projumps_b4

      Votes for cyclemap and nextmap are currently on and the timelimit is set to 100 minutes, which should give a good amount of time to finish maps/make progress from where you left off, but also wont make the Server being stuck on a map no one wants to play. However, if you feel like these are not optimal settings feel free to contact me about it.

      I will keep this thread updated, as changes/updates occur on the server.

      How to install the lava knife skin

      -Download the file here:
      -Then copy the file and navigate to your UrbanTerror folder
      -Paste the file into the q3ut4 folder
      -Restart the game

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      • set g_timelimit to 0 (map will only cycle if you vote for a cycle)
      • set g_respawnDelay 1 (you will now respawn instantly after dying/killing yourself
      • added some basic Icy maps, not in the mapcycle though, only for testing purposes for now
      • added the lava knife skin, download link zzz_Knife_Lava_test_01.pk3 ; see first post for instructions on how to install

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      • changed the behavior of /save and /load (should now feel more responsive and not take multiple tries)
      • fixed a bug where previously saved positions were lost on disconnecting (hopefully..)
      • fixed a bug where some maps did not load properly, due to being labeled wrong (sorry, my bad)
      • added 4 new maps per request

      • removed all previously added Icy maps except for ut4_icysequel1a, due to problems with the server crashing
        The Icy maps were only for testing anyways and are not included in the active mapcycle, hopefully I get permission for an Icy server soon

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