stewmire wrote:

    Chicken why didn't you gave me advice :D (besides changing my behavior)

    Cause chicken already knows you and doesn't know frog
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    :evil: Im your worst nightmare, and when something bad happens, I'll make even worse. Just wait for a while..... :evil:
    Ahah, I invented nothing. Asd` had right.
    Btw i only said basic things, that you have to show when you want be accepted. And whether you have read the application process here : Application Process - Read this first!
    Try to convince us of admitting you.

    If you want more information so listen it, It's for you, and all futures potential applicants :

    First before think about create and share an application you should :
    • Be active on servers, Teamspeak 3, Forum ! When you're active, you make 40% of your application , cause the application is only the "procedure" ! You can't be accepted like this. ( even if you've an good application , if anyone know you it's useless... )
    • Check your Behavior : it's mean , do not insult, be arrogant or something bad like this.. Or Cry about teams "I WAS BLUE SWAP ME !!!!" "Zombie 3 TIMES OMFG !!!" Just ask and if it's right the admin online will swap you, but if he don't stay calm you'll own some points. Sometimes we can't believe just because players said it ..
    • Do not come just for play or for your own person chat with players, be friendly, try to laugh with them etc , isn't bad to have a good reputation on this game ;) .
    Now your application :
    • Write in a simple and effective English! Make a polished presentation (Paragraph, Colors, space..) !
    • First paragraph : Introduce yourself ! Alias, Auth, Name first ! After, Feel free to talk about yourself, without overdoing either.. Example : country, spoken languages, employment status, family (strict minimum desired), hobbies, your passions ... DON'T say : My name is X, I'm X, i live in X. And finish with your strengths and weakness.
    • Second paragraph : TELL THE TRUTH ! Talk about your skills, your previous clans, your Urban terror Life etc.. We would like to know what is your story on this game and what you want from Urban terror. Sometimes the player is equal to his person ! You know what i mean ? OK cool. If you don't sorry i don't know how to explain it lol.
    • Last Paragraph : "Try to convince us of admitting you". Expose your motivations ! If you don't know how try to answer to this question : why we should take you exactly? What you'll do for the clan? Why Acen and not an other clan ? NEVER SPEAK ABOUT RIGHTS ; ( I will Warn rules breakers etc .. ) It's will induce you to F2 immediatly.
    If you do this you will be accepted for 90% sure!

    I can't do more for you.. Have a nice Day, GoodLuck :)
    I'm Anonymous, I'm not a Legion, I don't forgive, I don't forget, Except me !