I permbanned you because i saw on echelon you had a ban till Wednesday 23 however it's B3 bug and not you for evading as you're still having the same guid.
    BUT; you were saying our server was bullshit and promoting KzH servers with your friends MikeSmokeWeed/Kimo which is the same as advertising and we punish it by permban.
    On top of that, your friend told me you were with MikeSmokeWeed/kimo to make a bigger mess on our servers.

    I'll only remove the permban if you become clean once for all, if i ever spot you being a trash i permban you without warning and appeal.
    LOL? I was mikesmokeweed???? sure not!!! and mby i said once 'bullshit serv' but admins didnt react about cheater on serv BUT OK OK OK, sorry for everything, didnt want to make someone sad or sth and i didnt fake anybody anywhere . sorry if someone feels bad about situations with me. TY
    Admins can't be here for you 24/7, if someone cheat take a demo and post it here, we'll check it and decide.

    I never said you were mikesmokeweed, i said you were promoting KzH servers along him and his idiots friends evaders as well as calling our servers bullshit.

    I'm warning you once for all, better not make the same mistake again.