Hello Acen !

    My name is Lilian, my nickname is ChupaChups and my auth key is chupachups. I have 15 years old im french i live in France so my first language is French i speak English too and peoples understand me so i dont have big problem with English. I have Ts3 and Skype, I played 5 years in Urban Terror. I most play in the server "Acen Zombie", I was in "MsT", "nV" and "KsL" Clan. I want join Acen cause is really a good clan with good players, the servers have good ambiance. I play Minecraft and Urban Terror on Pc and Sniper 2, COD Black Ops 2 Just for the sniper ! I really like videos games and draw. My hobbies : "drawing", 'playing video games". I really like Poppin dance i want practise it but now i cant if you like poppin you can Watch "Dytto" on youtube ( Sorry for pub ) Im cool players i most play in acen zombie i have 420 connection on this server i thinks. I like Anime manga too ( Naruto,Fairy Tails, Sword Art Online ). I chose this nickname chupachups because I love the lollipops. Acen is really good clan and i want help acen, im really active. If you have questions about me tell me, i hope you enjoyed my application thanks for reading.

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    F3 for now, try to be active on our ts3:
    Good luck :)
    Through the shadow I am the little light who guides you
    Leading you into the burning sun of my love
    Where its beams reflects on your joyful face
    From your loneliness I kidnaped you since now we are two
    Turning the shadow of your despair into the light of hope and grace.
    (c) Death
    Hi and welcome Chupa Chups ,
    i would like you to take a look at Application Process - Read this first! and some other applications so you can compare yours with those who had a perfect application and got accepted and those who had a good application and didnt got accepted , for me i dont know you . however , seeing your application got me thinking of giving you F2 so ye thats my vote for now . If you still interested in joinning acen please edit your application because its short and still missing some important things let us know you better !
    Kitten, please behave this is the second time in 2 day you post useless comment at him.

    If you got anything concrete to prove we shoudn't accept him post them otherwise, remain silent please.

    About your application ChupaChups, sorry but i'm gonna say F2.
    Your application is very short i'm sure you've missed some essentials points of the Apllication Process, you could as well read accepted application to see how you should make your very own.
    Also, this is only a personal feeling, i don't know you alot even if you've 419 connections on our zombie but discuting on zombie is pretty hard, but from what i could see these last 24 hours you seem to be a naive person, you seem to have troubles speaking fluenty english and understand it.
    honestly, i don't think you fits the needs of our Clan but you seems to be a very friendly person that could become an enrishment for aCen in the future this is why i'd rather advise you to join our Teamspeak 3 so our clan and you get to know each other better and as well prepare you for a possible entry into Alpha Centauri Foundation. I think you need to be taugh about our clan, worflow, our aims torward UrT community and more.

    Also, i saw you applied for MsT 21 days ago, which is not so long and given the circumstances in my mind, it just looks like we're the second choice. I would like you to prove me wrong by time.

    You've potential and we got the skills to teach you, if you wanna take that chance feel free to join us on Teamspeak3 and take part of our Community life.

    Good luck.
    hi and welcome our forums

    pls man go read Application Process - Read this first! , more info read accept application ,...... idk about you but if u want joing our clan, repeat apply if u want , i u dont want , no problem man ..... but we need more info about u , thnx for your time
    scond point

    TheRealAsd123 wrote:

    Chupa.You applied for MsT then got rejected,and applied here.Lol

    pls here is not to call for applications to other clans, you have your forum for applicants, if he was interested in Mst clan, could put a application in Mst
    Kitten, please behave this is the second time in 2 day you post useless comment at him.

    If you got anything concrete to prove we shoudn't accept him post them otherwise, remain silent please.

    Did I say that you should accept him? If you read my post again all I've said is that his English is not great as he says and in the second sentence I've said my 'feeling' when I was reading his application, furthermore it was directed at him and was supposed to make him think why I don't like his application or only you are allowed to have negative thoughts about other's applications? All I've said is that I don't like his application and the reasons are pretty obvious in my opinion (at least most aCen members have the same opinion).

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    Sparrow wrote:

    Didn't he said that he already has been in MsT?

    He said this, but if you check my links he applied twice these last 3 weeks. i'd like him to take time to decide if he really wanna joins us and we inform him much more about us to give him a chance, honestly i don't think he have the requisite we ask for actually.