Admin Mathieu

    Admin Mathieu

    Okay, so i got banned because i maybe rage too much, and 'blackmailéd' Mathieu

    Everytime i get on the server this guy saying :
    Watch out or i give you a pb just out of nowhere

    Ok, maybe it wasn't smart to say im gonna let this server hacked, but Mathieu is Always being a prick,
    Hes not even a fair admin

    On KzH they know everything about this guy
    He was wearing name and fake tags like [ ObT]Kanker

    I just got a pb now for no reason?

    a pb is way too hard punish
    Sorry for my bad english & behavior :thumbsup:
    Kimo (ajacied) Chatlogs
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:14)`Ajacied`` says to allcu
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:13)`Ajacied`` says to alllike u do
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:13)`Ajacied`` says to allyep
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:13)`Ajacied`` says to allrmember djurres mathieu?
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:13)`Ajacied`` says to alldo it
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:13)`Ajacied`` says to all[KzH]Mathieu xD
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:12)`Ajacied`` says to allu starting to look like kzh admins
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:12)`Ajacied`` says to allmathieu srsly?
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:12)`Ajacied`` says to allim just joking cmon
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:12)`Ajacied`` says to allwarlord cheap telecom xD
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:12)`Ajacied`` says to allSTOCK <33333
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:10)`Ajacied`` says to allfk shadow
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:10)`Ajacied`` says to allSTOP KS
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:08)`Ajacied`` says to all!xlr
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:08)`Ajacied`` says to all356 ping
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:08)`Ajacied`` says to allwarlod buy new internet
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:08)`Ajacied`` says to allur moms vagina
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:08)`Ajacied`` says to alllong more
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:08)`Ajacied`` says to allwtf

    So this guy was insulting people, and cried to someone who was lagging he said he was "joking" but that person was being annoyed cause he was saying it everytime.

    warlord chatlog

    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:09):{Per}:WarLord<3 says to allits ebecause i live far
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:08):{Per}:WarLord<3 says to allanyone who says ping is internet being cheap is an idiot

    then mine:

    My chatlogs

    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:14)-aCen.Mathieu- says to all!pb ajacied blackmail - ''Remember djurres'' - treatening of hack
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:13)-aCen.Mathieu- says to allGoodbye.
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:13)-aCen.Mathieu- says to allOh blackmail again?
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:13)-aCen.Mathieu- says to allYou could go cry at our website, none would care.
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:13)-aCen.Mathieu- says to allI can permban you without any valid reason at all
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:13)-aCen.Mathieu- says to allDon't push your luck too far godzoli
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:13)-aCen.Mathieu- says to allIf i tell you i can't, i can't
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:13)-aCen.Mathieu- says to allYeah, so i'll behave like one and permban you
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:12)-aCen.Mathieu- says to all!alias ajaci
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:12)-aCen.Mathieu- says to all!lt aja
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:12)-aCen.Mathieu- says to allYa
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:12)-aCen.Mathieu- says to allcan't
    Friday, 14/08/2015 (13:12)-aCen.Mathieu- says to allAjaced, enough

    I told him to stop harrasing our players, and then he went at me and blackmailed me. The first time was already far too much and i didn't ban you.
    You pushed your luck too far with me already, you were always crying at me because players was insulting you, but you was everytime insulting people.
    I never gave you a ban at all, only simple warn as friendly reminder but you always do your bullshit in my back by insulting when i'm not here i'm not a fool i know you well and always kept an eyes on your with the chatlogs.

    I don't see what my past as KzH players or member have to do here at all, my past behaviour doesn't define the "abuse" you're saying.
    If you wanna show aCen that i am a bad person, Pyro already had a mail from LammeSnail concerning my behaviour long ago.
    You're just wasting your time, you're wrong here, not me.

    So, the permban will not be retired, and by your blackmail you probably made Djurres permbanned here as well. Congratulation.
    I'm permbanned from KzH for over 1 year and half, seem like pretty long ago.

    Oh, also an update which goes against you as well.


    13:51:40> "Djurres": Yo Matthieu
    <13:51:58> "Djurres": i heard gangster got a PB?
    <13:52:01> "Djurres": Just a question, for what?
    <13:52:07> "mathieu": Admin Mathieu
    <13:52:08> "Djurres": If somebody deserves one it's me.
    <13:52:15> "Djurres": Access denied. You’re not authorized to view this page.
    <13:53:08> "mathieu": register and you'll be able to see, and tbh you're near a permban as well, your hack with b3 that you performed on our server has been transfered to the Headquarter of our clan and i dismissed the case by now gangster just made more nosie concerning that and you'll probably fall.
    <13:53:23> "mathieu": Still, gangster will remain permbanned he's guilty as well.
    <13:53:33> "Djurres": What is he guilty for then?
    <13:53:41> "Djurres": Cause, I guess he didn't do anything?
    <13:53:47> "Djurres": He has troubles with Kimo/Godzilla
    <13:53:54> "Djurres": Not with aCen or so I guess?
    <13:55:04> "mathieu": Blackmailing us two times and constantly abusing concerning our rules + harrasing our players.
    <13:55:11> "mathieu": He's kimo
    <13:55:13> "Djurres": Lol
    <13:55:15> "Djurres": Totally not
    <13:55:18> "Djurres": Kimo is somebody else.
    <13:55:20> "Djurres": Kimo = Dale
    <13:55:24> "Djurres": Gangster = Mike
    <13:55:27> "Djurres": I know them both personally
    <13:55:36> "mathieu": mike isn't permbanned
    <13:55:39> "Djurres": Mike is!
    <13:55:40> "mathieu": i'm talking bout kimo here
    <13:55:42> "Djurres": He just whatsapped me!
    <13:55:53> "Djurres": He is gonna quit UrT he told me.
    <13:55:55> "mathieu": tell me his name ingame, i permbanned kimo few mins ago
    <13:56:07> "Djurres": oG`Gangster``
    <13:56:10> "Djurres": or MikeSmokeWeed
    <13:57:03> "mathieu": there's 2 guid with gangster, none have permban, his name is not in the banlist.txt neither MikeSmokeWeed.
    <13:57:47> "Djurres": Mhm.
    <13:58:16> "Djurres": Seems like Dale is spoofing mike his phonenumber then :S
    <13:58:55> "Djurres": Right, but if Kimo is banned, you did a good job ;)
    <13:59:00> "Djurres": He has perms at my servers aswell :)
    <14:00:45> "Djurres": Btw, Dale (kimo/godzilla) is raging on me because he got a ban on aCen, that it's my fault.​
    Right. I specially registered because of this situation.

    Let me clear up a couple of things. Z3nnY and me had some fun with a vulnerability.
    I, Djurres, will never 'hack' a server for somebody else, because he has a perm ban. Kimo, Godzoli, Dale. Thanks for involving me.

    You just told me over WhatsApp that you've never said to Matthieu that I would hack the server. You told me he was lying about that to you.

    I just revoked the PB's, cause I thought you were speaking the truth to me, but it seems you ain't telling me the truth.
    You are just involving me into your own problem, which I really dislike.

    That isn't nice at all bro, live your own lies.

    Playing hide and seek isn't the solution you know i'll hunt you and find you.

    Also milkshake on a sidenote

    You should act like a mediator and provide reasonable solutions if 2 parties have a conflict.

    I always acted as mediator and if the conflict was left unsolved i warned both of them. i never gave one player a ban and protected the other one with a warn.
    If he passed couples of times for his behaviour, i did as well for the other who was making troubles along him.
    Your salty post is useless and as far as i know, you often gave ban or permban without warns.

    for now hacking us would be useless and we fixed the exploit nothing can be performed against us.

    EDIT: No he can't lift permban on our servers. He gave him a permban on his server and revoked the permban there, you can check our echelon, ajacied is still permbanned.
    Didn't even invole you in my problems?
    Cause i dont have any, Mathieu is just a kid.
    in KzH he Always got banned because he was acting like a little child.

    Hide and seek maybe for you isn't funny but i can play zombie that's all i wanted
    This is a revenge for Mathieu cause of all hes problems on 4.1

    CU on server
    Forgive my rudeness here then.

    To be honest it isn't HQ's fault.
    as server maintener i am the one defining the ruleset mostly, like the zombie server, the SR8 uses the same we used for 4.1 it may need an update, but as i don't play much there, i don't know if you've suggestion, feel free to creates another topic and we're going off-topic here.

    I'm not sure to get what you means by full Guidelines, do you mean like the Zombie guideliness?
    If yes, the intelligence department will soon deploy a guildeliness for SR8 server as well, but we mostly do it for newcomer in ours clan, as you're a senior member of our clan, may i ask you what do you want to point in that guide?

    EDIT: Kimo, concerning your case we can wait HQ's decision if you wish, let's settle this for now, your case for me is closed. you're permbanned and will remain unless you ask for forgiveness and get few days bans without avoiding to get your nerves calmed. You decide.

    Milkshake wrote:

    So this Djurres guy can lift permbans on our server? Interesting.

    If I really want to lift a permban, I can yes. There are a couple of things vulnerable inside UrT and b3.

    But in fact, it doesn't matter at all. Matthieu knows which vulnerablity it is, and its very traceable. I won't use it, and he knows that.
    In my opinion, (which doesn't matter at all, since I am not an aCen member), he deserves this ban.

    First, trolling Matthieu.
    Second, involving me into something which is NEVER gonna happen,
    Third, lying to multiple reasons.

    Again, Dale, Live your own lie. Don't involve any of us.

    Nahh Mathieu,

    You're verry sad in my opinion.

    I Always helped u on KzH if you did get a ban
    And now you're just giving me a pb for not even a good reason.

    Yes i rage too much maybe thats a good reason but maybe for 3 days not forever.
    I hope you feel good about this pb
    No, it is not your responsibility to define and explain rules. Server maintenance means you take care of the server and make sure everything HQ says is done in a proper manner (eg. executing rules).

    HQ needs to make a post listing every single rule and give in depth definition of the terminology (eg. hardcamping on the Sr8 server), so everyone in the clan has the exact same understanding of the rules. That way it is much easier to see who abuses and who was rightfully punished. It will also give the players a more stable server feeling, when rules are applied the same in any given case. The post about the rules should be a sticky post in the public area, so guests and users can see the rules with examples and see that the punishment is not a personal attack, which a lot of players believe to be.

    Kimo wrote:

    Nahh Mathieu,

    You're verry sad in my opinion.

    I Always helped u on KzH if you did get a ban
    And now you're just giving me a pb for not even a good reason.

    Yes i rage too much maybe thats a good reason but maybe for 3 days not forever.
    I hope you feel good about this pb

    I first thought YOU were a good guy.
    But it seems you lie to everybody. Including 'friends'.

    Even I feel good about this bans.
    You can think whatever you want about me, i ain't feelin mad.

    You also helped me to get banned in the past and i won't help you forever when i helped more than you did for me.

    Threatening us with hack is a reason for permban as well as your multiples insult/provocation in our servers.

    The ban duration would be like 1 week if you asked for forgiveness you went far too much again.

    You just evaded a ban as you said, i won't even check to see the truth but if you do, you're permbanned and no more chance anymore.

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