Hi everyone! <3

      I've created this thread as I've played with a lot of you guys now and I'd love to be a member of aCen too! I've thought about it for a little while so why not eh?

      Firstly, a bit of an introduction is due ;) I've been playing UrT since... well since before UrT was even put together. I remember the days when UrT was just a few realistic maps for Quake3 and I've been playing since back then! So I think it's safe to say that UrT has been a part of my life on and off for 16 years. My 2 most known aliases are Tr!toch & PacMan. (Back when ClanBase was up, my name used to sit in the UrT Legendary Players list) but as time went on and I got older, real life started to take it's toll. I've been in some good clans before but that was before I took a 4 year UrT break; Ann, [AA], UZ, |it|. (All of my clans disbanded eventually - including the recent |it| which I had been a part of for 6 odd years). I've always been there to help with programming, coding, scripting and mapping and I developed the UrbanTerror CTF/TS PickUp Community on IRC :-). Probably the best thing I've done so far. I did make a map about 5 years ago but I don't know where it is now. I certainly don't have the bsp or map file anymore - but I do have a video of it somewhere ;) Want to see? Just ask <3

      I'm in my late twenties at the moment and I've recently started my own business so I've got a lot more time for UrT :) My time is mostly spent on the aCen Zombie Server when I'm not working (I'm sure I've racked up more than 10 hours) ;) I'm so glad I found aCen's zombie server or I'd probably have left UrT for good O_O!

      I'd like to think I'm mature, organised, clever, funny and modest (lol). I'm friendly to all who are fair & not big-headed. I don't tend to flame but I do like to talk a lot :P (Just ask Mathieu, Death, Raid, 4mac, Hodie or anyone of you fortunate soon-to-be-clanmates who's met me :-D)

      I'm from the UK and I speak 4 languages (but the important one is English c(: ) and I have a mixed background (origins from different parts of asia and europe)

      I don't have a mic, but I've got TS3 on my PC and my phone (the phone apk isnt working just yet). I'm not a big TS3 person but it is the best way to get in contact with you guys if I ever need to :)

      I'd love to join aCen because I have a lot of fun playing with you guys. You're at my sort of skill level (probably better than me at zombie but I'll catch up :-P) and you all like having a laugh too ;) Due to the business, I can't commit to playing in any league because I never know when I have to rush out so I'd like to be that casual aCen guy that spends a LOT of time on the zombie server :P (I played on the sr8 only server today and that was good fun too so might have to mix it up to balance them both!!!)

      I'd say that my CTF Skill Level is 8/10 (due to my jumping abilities), my TS is 7/10 and my zombie is 4/10 lol. I know I should probably use the G36 and spam a bit more but I just love the SR8 too much.... I can't help going back to it even if I do die a bit more :P I'm not a stathunter so you won't see me disconnect/rage quit :D I literally play for fun :-).

      My Strengths..... well, I suppose my strengths are my loyalty, friendliness, ability to explain, my motivation, teamwork skills and most of all my wit :P

      My Weaknesses?... weaknesses.... weaknesses... I guess my biggest weakness is thinking of a weakness to write here x-D. My weakness is most likely intolerance of people who intentionally break the rules and get away with it. Not just in UrT but in general life too. That's a trait of mine you could say ;)

      I don't have a reference per se, except for the friendliness and awesomeness of aCen members :) It's those traits that make me want to be a part of the aCen family!

      And that just about wraps things up! If there's anything I've missed out or anything you'd like clarified or just to generally ask, fire away!!!

      Regardless of the outcome, I wish you all the best of luck with this family you've put together :) And I'll see you on the servers <3



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      Well, what can i say, F1.

      Just know you for few days and you're one of the most friendly and carefuly about the good atmosphere of our zombie by helping me and other admins to keep server clean and fine.

      You definitly need to be accepted.

      Good luck!

      This is the best, and I mean very best, app I've seen so far. Its very detailed. Also its nice to see an oldschool player player.
      If you can give me your map name, then I'll look after it with my searching skills. Also if you want to get into mapping again, also for HD, then just ask.
      Maybe you could help me with coding.

      Your app is nice, and I cant wait to meet you.
      welcome our forums and god bless your family

      i read your app, i'm surprised best app, u are great person and i dont see you still in our servers but nice very nice, i usually follow players, before to take my votes, but i dont need follow you, i hope see you son before long, nice map too, you have my big F1 good luck in your app :D
      hey man i'm megatron
      regards -aCen.Poseidon'-
      Thank you so much all of you :)

      This is what I meant about all the <3 and the family that aCen has become :applaud:

      @Megatron (aka Poseidon'), I was setting up for a client yesterday evening which is why we may have missed each other :P But I'll be sure to try and be on this evening as according to my diary I'm free!!! :)
      Look forward to meeting you all in game too!

      Wow, just wow...
      Best app I've ever seen!
      No doubt whatsoever you'll be accepted, I haven't seen you play yet but that's just because I'm an oldschool urt player (4.1 only) I'm planning on changing that but just a bit lazy :/
      I would say succes with your application but that would be unnecessary :D
      I'll see you soon enough with the fabulous aCen tagg in front of your name :D(being a little optimistic but I don't think that's wrong)
      Thanks Void :)

      I did play a bit of 4.1 but me and my clan hated it! My clanmate even made the Pride Mod which got us into a lot of trouble with FS lol. Which is sort of where |it| started to fall apart and that was the end of an era to me :)

      My favourite build was actually 3.7 (Up until then I only ever saw UrT get better and better!) After that, I drifted away and focused on my studies and then my job... But it's good to be back and amongst the aCen family :) I've actually started to find a love for UrT again even if it is in the form of 4.2. The problem with UrT4 is that it changed a lot of core physics which ended up affecting my gameplay badly. I used to be able to crouch jump without an issue and sometimes I find my crouch jumping now limits my speed or causes me to mess up. Maybe I'm just becoming an old man :P Not sure yet but I'd like to be able to blame UrT4 as opposed to my age lol <3

      I look forward to you changing soon so we can have some fun together :)

      Great apply we have here, good job !! :thumbsup: You took time to do it which proves you really want to be part of our clan. Friendly player, quite active, an asset for the clan especially concerning computing as I can see so I give you my F1 !! :)
      Thanks Omega <3 I'm sure I recognise your nick from somewhere :) Look forward to fragging alongside you :)

      Mathieu, I'll have to have a look through my backups and maybe see if I can get a copy from autoaim if he still has it. But you have my word I'll try :->

      Quick, thank you <3 I look forward to working alongside you too! As soon as I invest in a new laptop, I think I'll start working on a few balanced maps for zombie mode too :P wait a minute.... I think WE'LL start working on a few balanced maps for zombie mode too <3 :D

      LSD, Thanks for the F1 :) I look forward to seeing you in game!!! To catch me, your best bet is to pop into 4.2 zombie as that's where I hang out in my free time :) If zombie's ever down to 3/4 players or there's a problem with the zombie server, I head over to SR8 ONLY, so you may (highly unlikely but may) find me over there :)

      Death, I've played with you, Raid and Mathieu the most :D You're the reason I applied in the first place so thank you <3 <3 <3
      Maybe that's why we didn't play together because I hardly come to Zombie ( I am mostly in SR8 only). My bad. I remember coming to Zombie one time and I was fk'd from all five sides. Haha! I still have to get the taste of this type.
      -This is it-