This morning I connected to the sr8 server, nothing weird happened, until I saw a Friend of Alpha Centauri playing...
      I alias him because I didnt know who he is, his name is candyman. So I alias him, and what I see? -aCen.Seacky:P-, Disclosure, Interstellar, Raphael, and TheGHOST.
      It's the same guy I discovered a few weeks ago, but the strange thing is that the players which I add notices during the game, like hard camp and all that stuff, appears like he did added that notices but he doesn't even has the rights to do that.


      Why this guy is somehow related with me?? He's from Israel for god's sake
      I know we already talked about this, but he is kind of faking me, and it bothers me a little bit.
      And why he is a friend of Alpha Centauri? b3 bug or something?

      Btw today I reached the xlrtopstats 9 in the sr8 server and I'm so happy about that :D