Seack830 (2)

    Seack830 (2)

    Hi there, I am Seack830, 17 years old and from Spain. Usually I play on the aCen Sr8 only Server, using always the same nick, Seack830''.

    I started playing UrT like 5 years ago, but I stopped playing a lot of times for some months. I've been in some differents clans like Mst*|, or |MR| but I left in all of them because I didn't like the structure, and more reasons. I started playing UrT like 3 months ago again, the last time I stopped was because I had to spend a lot of time studying and I couldn't play at any moment.

    I don't know how to rate my skills, sometimes I play pretty good, but sometimes not. Nowadays, I only play UrT, and now in summertime I'll have more time than ever. I just ended 1rst of Batxillerat, 1 year left to start university.

    Why you should take me? Because I'm sure I'll be a great admin, because I've been admin before, and I really know how it works. I'm pretty sure that If you let me join Alpha Centauri you won't be disappointed with my job and I actually know a lot of people who plays in aCen servers, and they know me too,so i won't be new. I have like 155 connections in the only sr8 server.

    That's all for now, cya all!!

    Seack830'' :)
    I think there is a big misconception when it comes to joining aCen. If you get accepted by the headquaters, you won't get admin rights with that automatically.

    Aside from that, I've seen you playing on the server several times. I remember you as an average player, who seemed friendly at first glance. I would at least give him a chance and keep an eye on him.

    And lets not talk about that first "application"..